Squidgypigs at Pet Blog Directory

We are delighted to now be listed among other dog, cat and other pet bloggers at Pet Blog Directory. Thank you to Paris and John for adding us. We have some very exciting reviews on the way so do keep visiting www.squidgypigs.com Are you listed at Pet Blog Directory? If so let us know below..,

Can Guinea Pigs Swim? 

Reposting this so that it's easy to find.  Can Guinea Pigs Swim? "I saw it on You Tube and thought I'd try it..." This is perhaps my biggest hate on Instagram.  Guinea pigs can technically swim, but they really shouldn't be put in a position that they have to. Much like a baby human. A swimming... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Crimes Part 2

Today we continue our rant about the worst crimes against Guinea Pigs, Part 1 is HERE (Swimming etc). Hamster Wheels / Balls: "Well you said they liked to run..." Guinea pigs should never be put in exercise wheels or balls. Both wheels and balls will damage the fragile spines of Guinea Pigs. Actually even hamsters don't have... Continue Reading →

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