Today I am a honourary Guinea Pig and I am reviewing Colour B4 Extra Strength.

Colour B4 - image from
Colour B4 – image from

Recently; due to being a new mum and not wanting the upkeep of bleaching roots, I dyed my previously bleached to light blonde hair “artificial red”. 
I hated this. I hated this primarily because the dye I used was labelled “light golden brown” and as somebody with naturally dark blonde hair I thought this would be a suitable colour to avoid too many roots….oh the lies, the lies! 

Anyway as i said; I hated the colour, my kids hated the colour, my pets hated the colour. It wasn’t pleasant. It had to go.

I bought Colour B4 Extra Strength because I had experienced pleasing results a few years back. 
What is Colour B4 Extra Strength?

  • A bleachless colour remover.
  • It’s aimed at hair that has been dyed a darker shade (not a variation on blonde).
  • The box contains: Activator, Remover, Buffer, Gloves, Instructions.

Where can I buy Colour B4 ?


  • I paid £10 per box from Amazon because I needed (wanted) the boxes the next day and couldn’t physically go out. 
  • You can buy it as cheaply as £7.

How Do I Use Colour B4 Extra Strength?

  • Allergy and strand test the day before rah rah rah!
  • Then the basic steps are as follows:
  1.  Shampoo hair with a clarifying shampoo.
  2. Dry hair.
  3. Add Activator to Remover and shake for a minute.
  4. Apply liberal quantities of Colour B4 (my thick shoulder length hair needed two boxes).
  5. Wrap your head/hair in cling film and wait an hour.
  6. At this point I gave my hair a couple of blasts with the hair dryer (whilst still under cling film). Heat helps the process.
  7. Unwrap hair and rinse hair for 10 mins (time it, it’s longer than you think…).
  8. Apply Buffer as you would shampoo. 
  9. Rinse for another 10 minutes (time it again). 


Colour B4 Extra Strength Review Before and After by Squidgypigs
Colour B4 Extra Strength Review Before and After by Squidgypigs
  • As you can see the product worked brilliantly.
  • I could see the product working by the time I had wrapped my head in clingfilm.


  • It worked.
  • It’s one of the cheaper colour removing products available.
  • If I had a lot of build up I could have used this product an addition 2 times before the maximum efficiency was reached
  • The smell of the product is no stronger than bleach dyes.
  • Although my hair felt a little dry afterwards it was nothing that a good conditioner couldn’t cure. 
  • The product is widely available in most shops that sell hair dye. 


  • The product does smell somewhat of rotten eggs.
  • The whole process is quite lengthy and best completed in a shower. 
  • The product will remove dye from clothes so keep away from any fabric that you like. 

Please Note:

  • Colour B4 will remove dye and take your hair back to the lowest level of bleaching (AKA how your hair really looks now).
  • This may mean that if you have used dark dyes that contain bleach (to help the colour be vibrant etc) your underlying hair is now lighter than before you dyed it then cb4ed it. 
  • This may mean your hair your hair now has a reddish tint…this isn’t the Colour B4 this is the effects of the previous dye bleaching your hair. 
  • The result of this on my hair was that the dye had partially bleached my roots. Result. 

Overall I love Colour B4 Extra Strength.