Piggie Parcels Foraging Adventure Parcel Review

Today we are reviewing Piggie Parcels’ Foraging Adventure Parcel.

Piggie Parcel’s Review

What is a Piggie Parcels’ Foraging Adventure Parcel?

  • A selection of quality dried plant products.
  • Perfect for feeding to your piggies (or other small animals).
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • Every month Piggie Parcels produces a new parcel.
  • Content of parcel changes each month.
  • We are reviewing February’s parcel.

Piggie Parcel’s Review

February’s Parcel contains:

  • Large bag of Hazelnut leaves 100g which are good for stimulating blood circulation which is needed in this cold weather.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • Large bag of Strawberry leaves 100g, yummy, crunchy and full of Vitamin C.
  • Our Calming Blend 50g bag, containing a mix of Lemon Balm and Chamomile flowers.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • A 50g bag of Marigold flowers which have anti bacterial qualities.
  • A 20g bag of Mint and Rose petals, our respiratory blend
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • A 50g bag of dried Apple pieces, a favourite and requested treat.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • A 50g bag of Dandelion Root, packed full of vitamins and minerals and also perfect for helping to wear down those ever growing teeth.

What can you Guinea Pig do with a Piggie Parcels’ Foraging Adventure Parcel?

  • Feed as treats to your piggies in a small bowl.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • Mix with a big pile of a good quality feeding hay for an authentic natural Foraging experience. This provides important boredom busting enrichment for your pigs.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • The firmer, stalkier goodies such as Strawberry Leaves and Dandelion root are great for hand feeding a timid pig.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • All Piggie Parcels goodies can be hidden around your pigs’ cages for them to hunt for.

Where Can I Buy A Piggie Parcel?:


  • I absolutely loved the idea of a whole box of foraging fun so was delighted to review the Piggie Parcels’ Foraging Adventure Parcel.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • February’s Parcel was a wonderfully diverse selection of goodies that any pig would adore.
  • The portions are very generous and I felt that at £14 the Parcel represented very good value for money.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • Each product within the Parcel is of a great quality; leaves are crisp and clean, with no dusty residues.
  • This quality is evidenced in the wonderful aromas of the various fragrant pouches.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • The colours of the flower products are bright and beautiful and look great no matter how you serve them to your pigs.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • Piggy health and our environment is very important to the founder of Piggie Parcels and this is reflected in their packaging:

“All of the packaging from Piggie Parcels, is in some form environmentally friendly. From the FSC accredited boxes, to the biodegradable labels, every part of the packaging has been thought through and is either recycled, recyclable, biodegradable or compostable“. – Piggie Parcels.

  • Every member of the Squidgypigs loved the various Piggie Parcels treats. They dived into their enriched foraging hay with abandonment and much fun was had by both the pigs and myself watching them.
  • Particular favourites were the Hazelnut Leaves, Strawberry Leaves, Marigold Petals and the Rose and Mint.
  • Piggie Parcel’s Review
  • No matter what your pig usually enjoys; in the Piggie Parcels’ Foraging Adventure Parcel there is something for everypig!

Piggie Parcels Review


  • Both myself and the Squidgypigs adored the Piggie Parcels’ Foraging Adventure Parcel and I think it’s a fabulous way to try a variety of healthy piggy treats.

Piggie Parcel’s Review

Please note: The lovely folk at Piggie Parcels sent us this Parcel to review. If you would like to know more about their Parcels or any of their other products please visit their website at: www.piggieparcels.co.uk


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