Who are The Squidgypigs?

The adventures and (re)views of 17 rescue Guinea Pigs from Cornwall, England.

First there was the lovely:
The mild mannered black and golden smooth hair.
Ethel-Seal The Poo Banana
The slightly hyperactive red and white Abyssinian.
(Yup, our daughter named them!)

After a few months of utter piggy love we decided it would be nice for them to have a friend or two.

Answering a ‘free-ad’ for two young sows turned into four pregnant sows (Elderly queen-bee Blondie, supermum Football, shy and anxious Miley and aggressive Morag) Oh, there was also the father of all of their children; Ned.

All piggies were in a state of neglect and producing small, malformed poop suggesting near starvation. Football had visible cataracts, scabs in her fur and a large oozing abscess over one ear (we know now most of that ear is missing), she was also heavily pregnant. Football looks and acts amazing now. Her ear is clean and healed and she was an loving mum to all get children (and Blondie’s too).

Blondie; had large mats in her fur, bald patches, scabs in her fur and was also visibly pregnant but incredibly skinny everywhere else with a protruding backbone that was sticking out. After having her babies she is now plumping up and fluffing up and looks half the age she really is.

Miley; looked perfect but was so scared that she would shake when anyone approached. We hoped that she wasn’t pregnant. Gradually in the time she’s been with us Miley has learnt that people can be good, and she will now climb on my hand to be lifted out of her house. Miley gave birth nearly a whole 10 weeks after arriving with us, this means that she must have been allowed to be mated with even after she was advertised for sale.

Morag tried to bite anybody who came near to her. Pig or person she wasn’t bothered. However after wrapping her in a protective towel we discovered her nails were so badly overgrown that not only were they digging into her feet but they were also causing her to walk only on the sides of her legs. Morag whimpered through her pedicures, but then afterwards she was like a changed pig. I honestly believe that she knows I saved her from a life of misery because she has been the most loyal, most loving Squidgypig ever since. Morag was miraculously not pregnant. We joke that she was the one that gave Ned his split lip…

Football gave birth five days later to:
Rhona the Baby Cow
Princess Bagel-Baby

Five days later again Blondie had:

Nearly ten weeks later Miley gave birth to:
Helford (stillborn boar)

As of June 2018 We have lost our beloved Ned, Morag, Tabby, and Britney and been joined by Lamorna, Devorah, Dolly Bubbles, Yum-Yum, Chicken Glitter and Bungalow!

Ethel-Seal the Poo Banana

MileyDolly BubblesZelahDevorah

Peppa-Pea Pirate Soup

FootballYum-YumLamornaDoughnut Chicken-GlitterMarilynPrincess Bagel-BabyBungalow Slincypig



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