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Today we are reviewing:

Squidgypigs - www.timothyhay.co.uk - 3kg bale
Squidgypigs – http://www.timothyhay.co.uk – 3kg bale

Hay from http://www.timothyhay.co.uk.

This weekend the Squidgypigs were delighted to be sent 3kg of both the 2015 and 2013 Timothy Hay from the fine folk at http://www.timothyhay.co.uk .

What is it?:

  • Timothy hay (full of catstail grasses).
  • Stalky and good for rabbit and guinea pig teeth (they never stop growing and can develop overgrown or maloccluded teeth that will eventually starve the poor dears to death if not treated).
  • Two varieties of Timothy hay are currently available: 2013 & 2015.
Squidgypigs - Morag shows off her ever-growing teeth...
Squidgypigs – Morag shows off her ever-growing teeth…
  • The 2013 is green with lots of long, sturdy, hard stalks and very little brown leaf.
  • 2013 vs 2015
    2013 vs 2015
  • The 2015 is just as long and stalky but with a slightly browner hue. 
  • Due to a later harvest it has a little more brown leaf but makes up for it with a low dust content and a fresher smell.
  • BOTH it has to be said are far more lush and healthy looking that the majority of the frazzled brown offerings imported at high cost from the Americas!

What can your Guinea Pig do with it?

  • Eat it (fresh hay should always be available for guinea pigs and rabbits).
  • Hide in it (Miley likes doing this).
  • Sleep in it (another of Miley’s favourite activities).

Where can you buy it?

  • http://www.timothyhay.co.uk
  • The Timothy Hay (named after its characteristic Timothy grass) travels all the way from Stirling in Scotland (UK delivery included in price) because as the website informs:

Stirling is regarded as the best area in the UK to grow Timothy hay, it’s because of the heavy clay soil structure and local weather that Timothy hay will grow so well here. There should be no reason to import Timothy hay from Canada or America



  • £15 for 3kg of 2013
  • £19.50 for 10kg of 2015 (currently discounted due to the adverse weather of last year)


  • The moment you spot a 3kg bag you’re probably in for a bit of a shock, there is likely a bit more hay than you may expect (dimensions are on the website if you need to know). 
  • When I picked it up and gave it a squeeze I was pleased by the firm fullness of the bag, there is a good bit of hay stuffed in there!
  • My piggies got quite excited when they heard me pull the storage sack open (there are instructions on the Timothy hay.co.uk Facebook page as it can be a little tricky) there were many a loud wheek and squeak as I grabbed a large handful and laid it in front of the eager little piggy mouths.
  • Yum! There was absolutely no hesitation from anybody! From my elderly mums Blondie & Football (both with a history of dodgy teeth) to the youngest of the babies (Marilyn, Slincypig & Britney) all the Squidgypigs dived at the Timothy Hay and sat scoffing it with a hungry passion.
  • Blondie, who was rescued whilst heavily pregnant from a lifetime of back to back pregnancies, suffering from malnutrition and at a very low weight; devoured stalk after stalk of the crisp, stalky 2013 hay. 
  • The older pigs as a whole shared this preference.
  • The babies seemed to favour the ever so softer 2015, seeming to delight in running in, out, under and over its stalks and leaves. 
  • Perhaps it was the ever so slightly sweet aroma that attracted them? 
Squidgypigs - Morag loving some 2013 Timothy Hay
Squidgypigs – Morag loving some 2013 Timothy Hay
Squidgypigs - Babies enjoy some 2015 Timothy hay
Squidgypigs – Babies enjoy some 2015 Timothy hay
  • Peppa-Pea and Ethel-Seal our moody adolescents didn’t seem to have a preference “whatever” seemed to sum up the sentiments, but they still begged for more.
  • Strand upon strand, handful after handful and bunch after bunch has since disappeared. I have had a weekend of very happy, hay munching Squidgypigs.

Peppa & Ethel-Seal
Peppa & Ethel-Seal


  • This is simply lovely hay. 
  • With good efficient packing, fast shipping and friendly, informative service from http://www.timothyhay.co.uk whatever year hay you choose you will not be disappointed. 
  • I suggest that anybody with small animals support this UK company and offer your pets something both clearly yummy and beneficial to their dental health.

Please Note: http://www.timothyhay.co.uk were lovely enough to send us these samples for review. If you would like to know more about them please visit their site at: www.timothyhay.co.uk
Love & Chin Rubs xox


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