Squidgypigs – RIP Helford

Baby Helford.

  • Miley’s baby Helford was born already sleeping yesterday morning at 11 o clock. 
  • He is remembered by both his human family and of course his mummy Miley, sister Zelah & Aunty Morag.

You were big and strong like your aunty Morag and had gorgeous sleak, shiny cream agouti fur.
I think you would have enjoyed cuddles and kale like your mummy and you would have made someone a lovely gentle husboar one day.

Your mummy tried hard to get you to breathe but you had already left us, even later she didn’t want me to take you away. 

Popcorn freely and look over your sister, she is very small and will miss not knowing you. 

We will never forget you.

Love & Chin Rubs xox


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