Squidgypigs-Guinea Pig Product Reviews-Pets at Home Medium Silent Hamster Exercise Wheel

This week we are reviewing:
The Pets at Home’s Medium Silent Exercise Wheel.

Pic from Pets at Home
Pic from Pets at Home

As you know we recently added the smallest member to our ‘Honourary Squidgypig’ family in the shape of PomPomCake  (another of my daughters naming triumphs) the Roborovski hamster. PomPomCake needed a new wheel.

What is a Pets at Home Medium Silent Exercise Wheel?

  • An exercise wheel for hamsters or other small running rodents (never Guinea pigs!).
  • Naturally hamsters run mile upon mile every night in search of food and other hamsters so the most important item to add to a hamsters cage (other than food & water….) is of course an exercise wheel. 

What can your pet do with it?:

  • Run in it.
  • Hide their food in it.
  • Make a bed in it.
  • Poop and piddle in it.
  • (The smooth plastic means the wheel is actually easy to clean).

Where can I buy one?:


  • £7


  • PomPomCake loved his Rotastak wheel he was adopted with, but, it was just soooooooo noisy. Not just a bit of a whirl, but a full on shaking, shuddering 7 on the hamster-brain-damage-richter-scale. It had to go!
  • After being disappointed by the wheels in two local independent shops I popped into Pets at Home, and found two options, one standard medium wheel (without stand!) and their Medium SILENT exercise wheel. They had me on Silent!
  • A spin (sans hamster) proves that this wheel really is silent, even a full speed Syrian hamster is not going to wake you up with this. However, our Tiny Tester (that’s his rap name you know…) has since insisted on filling his wheel up with sunflower seeds, millet and poop (mainly poop) prior to running his nightly marathons. This of course makes things a little noisier, but it’s not sleep ruining and is certainly preferable to the seismic activity of the Rotastak
  • I had no doubts little Mr Cake could handle the relative size of the Pets at Home wheel after seeing him fly around the Rotastak.
  • The wheel says suitable for Syrian hamsters and gerbils but going by our success Russian hamsters and mice should have no problems and 
  • I’m guessing the wheel could be a little small for LARGE Syrians. 
  • Their spines should never have to curve to fit.
  • I really like white and translucent blue colour scheme it’s cheerful, contemporary and shows up any poop that needs cleaning.
  • The stand is height adjustable and also has a screw fitting for cage bars ensuring it will fit in an future cages.


  • This wheel saved my hearing, my sanity, my marriage and PomPomCake’s brain. I think it’s well worth the £7. Thank you Pets at Home! 

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  1. Oh my gosh, I remember the wheel headache from when I had hamsters!! The noise, yes, and also how hard it is to find a proper-sized wheel for Syrians! Your little fellow looks adorable x

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