Squidgypigs-Rest In Peace Ned

Squidgypigs are terribly sad to announce the tragic passing of our oldest boar Ned in the early hours of the morning. He suffered a series of strokes and was heartbreakingly too weak to survive.

He was a truly wonderful pig and will be deeply missed by all of us. He passed away in the company of myself and his son Slincypig.

Squidgypigs - Ned
Squidgypigs – Ned

I remember the first time we met Ned, he was simply the largest Guinea Pig I had ever seen, and despite being in a terrible state of neglect it was clear he was the most dreamy, delicious creamy colour. 

Squidgypigs - Ned on his way home.
Squidgypigs – Ned on his way home.
Nervous and jittery; with a split lip, severely torn ears, malnourishment and overgrown nails, Ned was an unlikely model. But with patience, love and good quality care and food Ned became my perfect instamuse.

Squidgypigs - Ned
Squidgypigs – Ned

Having enjoyed a taste of minor Instafame in his later life as both a model and reviewer for the likes of Science Selective, Wagg,and Crafted4Pets Ned enjoyed eating spinach, watermelon and purring at the lady pigs. He’s remembered fondly by his many wives and numerous children, as well as his human family.

Squidgypigs - Bowties are cool...
Squidgypigs – Bowties are cool…
Squidgypigs - Everyone's a hipster nowadays...
Squidgypigs – Everyone’s a hipster nowadays…
Squidgypigs - Ned's favourite type of Guinea Pig was 'female'.
Squidgypigs – Ned’s favourite type of Guinea Pig was ‘female’.
We will never forget you Ned.
We will never forget you Ned.


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