At four minutes past four on the morning of the sixth of January our second daughter ‘Squidgybaby’ burst screaming into this world following two days of slow, painful induced labour (I’ll spare you the yucky details…).

Squidgypigs - Squidgybaby
Squidgypigs – Squidgybaby

 Following a pregnancy punctuated by growth scans (we make little babies) and doctor visits (Squidgymummy developed a b12 deficiency) the birth was fortunately reasonably straightforward and we were both allowed home within hours. 

Squidgypigs - Squidgy but not a guineapig...
Squidgypigs – Squidgy but not a guineapig…

Naturally, like her big sister; Squidgybaby is made of awesome and for 24 hours we were happy, so very, very happy as only new parents can be.

Sadly on the morning of the 7th I woke up with a sore throat, that was far too quickly joined by a cough and almost constant headache. Sometime over the next day the blissful new baby feeling was replaced by chills and shakes and I was completely convinced I may never be warm again. When my hand started to shake too much to hold Squidgybaby’s bottles we were swiftly readmitted to hospital.  

White Walkers - putting strain on the NHS since 2011
White Walkers – putting strain on the NHS since 2011

I don’t remember a lot but essentially a combination of catching a virus during childbirth, the ensuing dehydration and lack of sleep had led to lots of little infections throughout my body. I would happily have given birth another couple of times rather than feel that bad again. 

A day or so later and I was no longer able to freeze people on sight so we were allowed back home to enjoy life. Once again we were very, very happy.

Squidgybaby at 4 days old
Squidgybaby at 4 days old

Over the next few days however it became increasingly clear that both Squidgydad and Squidgydaughter had caught the initial virus. Thankfully they had the advantage of having not given birth that week so they only suffered bad colds. Miraculously Squidgybaby didn’t even get a snuffle.

Throughout this dramatic little tale the Squidgypigs were looked after by Squidgynana (my mum). 

Squidgypigs - Guinea Pigs get everywhere, even hospitals...
Squidgypigs – Guinea Pigs get everywhere, even hospitals…

I’m not 100% healthy (sleep deprivation probably doesn’t help)  but we are very happy even though I don’t get to see the piggies quite as much as I’d like.

I’ve had alot of time to think about this blog whilst I’ve been recovering and I’m currently thinking that when I am feeling completely better I may expand this blog to include details of our adventures as a family and product reviews of non Guinea pig products that we love. 

Squidgy Squidgy Squidgy
Squidgy Squidgy Squidgy

We will be back soon, and when we are back you can be assured we will be bigger, piggier and with a lot more squidge. 

Love and Chin Rubs xox