Today we are reviewing the Haypigs! Lion Pig Mug.

Haypigs! Lion Pig Mug
Haypigs! Lion Pig Mug

What is the Haypigs! Lion Pig Mug? 

  • A mug featuring a vintage Guinea Pig Circus Lion Pig.
  • Design by artist Stephen Sharpe.
  • Dishwasher safe and durable – tested up to 250 wash cycles.
  • Microwave safe.

Slincypig wanted in on the review...
Slincypig wanted in on the review…

Where can I buy a Haypigs! Lion Pig Mug?


  • £8.00

Haypigs! Lion Pig Mug Review
Haypigs! Lion Pig Mug Review


  • I love the bold vintage design by artist Stephen Sharpe, and of course the “WHEEEEEEEK!” 
  • That is of course the  ferocious cry of the fearsome hungry Guinea Pig that all piggy owners are familiar with.
  • The mug is a good shape and size; big enough for dunking biccies but not so large that you need a gym membership to lift. 
  • Haypigs! Mugs come in three different designs, all guaranteed to make your morning cuppa a brighter, happier and with a lot more Wheek!


  • If you are treating your Guinea Pig to a brand new Haypigs! toy or bed you should treat your self to one of the pigtastic Haypigs! mugs.
  • I told you Guinea Pigs are cool.
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Please note: Haypigs! Sent us this mug for review, if you would like to know more about Haypigs! check out their website at