Guinea Pig Valentines Day Cards and Gifts

“Roses are red, guinea pigs eat hay, here’s 10 piggy gifts, for Valentine’s Day”.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day card or gift for someone you love and you can’t find one with quite enough Guinea Pig; we may have the answer…


When Guinea Pigs FlyLove print from WhenGuineaPigsFly

2. Guinea Pig Valentines CardValentines Card by AlexAggDesign


Biscuits & Tea

Biscuits & Tea Card from GuineaPig Wheekly


PigIn LovePigIn Love card by PigIn


Let's PopcornLet’s Popcorn Together Card by GizzysGifts


Heart BedHeart Bed by 3FURRYCAVIES


Out of the HutchLove is in the Air Card from OutoftheHutch


Valentines CavyValentines Cavy Stamp by RubberHedgehog


From the Guinea Pig Card from Kitkatcards


I Love Hay Cube by Rosewood

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