Today we are reviewing:

Guinea Pig Food (image from asda)

Asda Guinea Pig Food.

What is it:
Guinea pig food
To be fed alongside hay, water and veg

Wheatfeed , Oatfeed , Sunflower Extract , Grass , Lucerne , Carob Meal , Vegetable Oil , Calcium Carbonate , Linseed , Minerals , Yeasts (0.08%) .


What can your pets do with it:
Eat it
Piddle in a bowl of it (Ned and Slincypig I’m looking at you boys…)

Where can I buy it?:
Asda strangely enough 😉

£2 for 2kg in Asda (THIS is excellent!)

With no artificial colours or flavours, high vitamin C and containing prebiotics and fibre to help digestion Asda Guineapig Food is certainly comparable to nuggets twice the price. The calcium content 0.8 could be a little high for piggies with known calcium issues but shouldn’t be a problem for your average healthy Squidgypig.

Asda Guinea Pig Food consists of dusky brown nuggets that are of a hard and sturdy consistency. The nuggets are good for stopping selective feeding.

You can see tiny bits of grass/hay in them which is nice in a grass based pellet although perhaps I would have liked to have seen just a little more but this is my human eye, I’m sure the Squidgypigs do not mind.

Although the nuggets are too hard to crush easily between fingers the Squidgypigs had no problems munching them and everyone from elderly Blondie to the babies seem to be able to eat them with ease. However the pigs simply do not jump on them with the ferocity you experience with other pellets. I believe this is due to the lack of alluring smell. I have noticed that baby Britney who was born blind and you assume relied to a greater degree on smell shows limited interest in the nuggets and has found it hard to find them even when their bowl is topped up. Luckily her sister Marilyn is good enough to direct.

Squidgypigs - Asda Guinea Pig Food - Blondie enjoying some nuggets

By far the worse thing about Asda Guinea Pig Food is the bag. Although it is strong and does obviously keep the nuggets dry; the bag is near impossible to open without scissors or a knife and even then you risk splitting and spillage.  Additionally due to the rigidity of the plastic you will require sticky tape or similar to close it up again. Of course there is nothing stopping piggy slaves decanting Asda Guinea Pig Food into another vessel but you do at least vaguely expect the bag to do its job and hold its contents!

4/5 – you WILL NOT do better for the price, a good budget pig food. Nutritionally sound and generally enjoyed, may not be a hit with fussier/needier piggies. Absolutely terrible bag.

Love & Chin Rubs xox