Meet the Baby Squidgypigs

Football gave birth to three little sows (girls) on 10/02/2016 exactly a week after coming home with us.

Squidgypigs - Football's Babies
Squidgypigs – Football’s Babies

The birth was uneventful and the three little piglets ran out of their bed demanding food and pestering their aunty Blondie.

imagePrincess Bagel-Baby

imageRhona The Baby Cow

Blondie gave birth three days later:

  • 2 sows (girls) and 1 boar (boy).

Blondie's baby Squidgypigs.
Blondie’s baby Squidgypigs.

All three are so far identical and named:

  •  Marilyn
  • Britney
  • and Slincypig.

Update: 1/3/2016:

  • It’s looking like Britney is blind and possibly deaf. 
  • I hope this will not effect her quality of life too badly.

Update: 5/8/2017:

  • It definitely doesn’t.

Love & Chin Rubs xox


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