Today we are quicky-reviewing:

Sports Relief Guinea Pig - Img from Sainsburys

Sports Relief 2016 Children’s Guineapig T-shirt.

What is it?:
A T-shirt featuring a cycling Guineapig
One of the official Sports Relief 2016 t-shirts

Where to buy:
Saintsbury’s or TKMaxx

£6 for sizes 1-6
£7 for sizes 7-11
(£3 goes to sports relief charities)

The T-shirt is bright red sustainable cotton, and features the Sports Relief logo as well as a cycling Guineapig! What is there not to love.

The sizing seems quite generous and the 1-2 years size was quite loose on my petite nearly-three-year-old.

Squidgypigs - No Neds were harmed in the making of this cuddle.

The worse thing about this T-Shirt is the disappointment of discovering that they do not make them in adult sizes.

Love & Chin Rubs xox