Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food

Today we are reviewing

Nature’s Own
Guinea Pig Food.

What is Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food?:

  • Hay based Guinea Pig Food.
  • Muesli style with a forage twist.
  • Squidgypigs - Nature's Own Guinea Pig Food
    Squidgypigs – Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food

What can your Guinea Pig do with Nature’s Own Guinea Pig food?:

  • Eat it.
  • Forage for it (hide it in toys and hay).


  • Nature's Own Guinea Pig Food Review
    Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food Review
  • The first thing you notice is the lack of Vitamin C. The Nature’s Own website states:

There is no need to add Vitamin C to feeds if the ingredients are natural and of good quality – this food is the proof! If your usual guinea pig food has Vitamin C added, this may be due to the low quality or processed nature of the ingredients. On top of that Vitamin C is unstable and it is dubious how much is left intact by the time it reaches your pet’s feeding bowl when added in this way.

Nature’s Own.

  • I know I feed a varied, fresh and healthy diet so feel content that the Squidgypigs will not miss out on vitamin C. 
  • You will notice the feeding recommendation is to feed ‘ad-lib’ and not the usual 50g-80g you usually see. I like that Nature’s Own aren’t trying to copy other companies and instead are very happy to do their own thing.
  • Squidgypigs - Forage time!
    Squidgypigs – Forage time!

Where can I buy Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food?:

  • Online at Nature’s Own.
  • Amazon.
  • Good pet shops (request it if not already stocked).


  • £14 for 4 x 2kg at Nature’s Own.
  • Squidgypigs - Nature's Own Guinea Pig Food
    Squidgypigs – Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food


  • As with their lovely Sweet Green Hay this Nature’s Own Food had a lovely sweet aroma.
  • Nature's Own Guinea Pig Food Review
    Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food Review
  • The Squidgypigs appear to have universally enjoyed this food and get quite excited at the mere sound of me rustling the bag.
  • I was intrigued by the omission of added vitamin C in the ingredients however I wasn’t discouraged as I was aware that even in the most expensive of pellet foods the vitamin C dissipates if stored. 
  • I liked the ‘ad-lib’ feeding recommendation as not only is this a far more natural way of feeding, but additionally a much more practical way of feeding large groups where even carefully measured out individual bowls quickly become a nightmare vision of an all you can eat piggy buffet!
  • I love that being hay based this food is helping to wear down their teeth.
  • Although there are often concerns over ‘selective’ feeding when muesli style mixes mentioned I can confirm I witnessed no evidence of this with each pig seemingly enjoying the variety the mix offered.


  • I fed both in large bowls and also scattered in their hay ‘kitchens’ both were enjoyed by the Squidgypigs but I felt recreating foraging opportunities brought extra amusement and less chance of boredom.


  • Having witnessed the Squidgypigs crowding around this food it is clear Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food does not disappoint taste-wise.
  • From the quantity of well formed healthy poop around the cages after introducing Nature’s Own Guinea Pig Food I know the fibre rich formula works very well for my herd and urge you to give it a go.

Please note: Nature’s Own sent us this Guinea Pig Food to review. If you would like to know more about Nature’s Own please visit their site at: http://naturesownpets.co.uk


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