Squidgypigs – Black Friday Guinea Pig Bargains

In the name of fiscally frugal cavy savings I thought I would do a quick run down of various piggy deals available for Black Friday wheekend.

Squidgypigs - Guinea Pig Wheekly Black Friday Savings
Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Wheekly Black Friday Savings

Guinea Pig Wheekly have 25% off on selected Black Friday deals such as their colouring book, mugs and charms.

Squidgypigs - Amazon Black Friday
Squidgypigs – Amazon Black Friday

Amazon have the Snugglesafe Microwavable Heat Pad on offer for only £9.99.
Squidgypigs - Petsathome Black Friday
Squidgypigs – Petsathome Black Friday

Pets at Home have a variety of deals in their Black Friday / Cyber Week sales including the Bluebell Hutch for £99.

If you see anymore bargains please feel free to add them below…


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