Squidgypigs – Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?

Today we are answering the question “Can Guinea Pigs Eat Grapes?”

  • Yes!
  • Washed and with any seeds removed grapes are perfectly safe for Guinea Pigs to eat as a treat.
  • The colour of the grape shouldn’t matter, however ours appear to favour the red ones.
  • We tend to cut grapes lengthways out of habit (whole grapes are a choking risk with children and I guess could also be risky for piggies). 
  • In seeded grapes cutting is necessary to remove the seeds.
  • I’ve never known a piggy that didn’t like grapes.
  • However their high sugar and low vitamin C levels ensure that grapes are definitely best left as a rare treat.
  • I wouldn’t feed more than 1 grape per Squidgypig at a time. 

Please note: There appears to be some speculation that grapes could cause kidney damage to Guinea Pigs. Having researched the issue I’m happy for the Squidgypigs to have grapes as a rare treat. The controversy seems to be largely based around the toxicity of grapes in dogs and the accounts of Guinea Pigs enjoying grapes for years without problems vastly outweigh any negativity. 



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