Piggin' Good Guinea Pig Product Reviews



The Squidgypig Guide to Bad Food for Guinea Pigs

Food that you should NEVER feed to Guinea Pigs.

Squidgypigs 2Pure Pet Fresh Cage and Hutch Cleaner Guinea Pig Review

Today we are reviewing 2Pure Pet Fresh Cage and Hutch Cleaner. An environmentally friendly, pet friendly, child friendly stain removing, odour removing cleaning spray.

The Squidgypigs Guinea Pig Fruit and Veg Treat Guide Part 3

Today we continue our guide to treat fruit and veg for Guinea Pigs. Can Guinea Pigs Eat Nectarines? Can Guinea Pigs Eat Sweet Potatoes?

Squidgypigs Snugglesafe CoolPod Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the CoolPod; a great new freezer-free, wire-free, non-toxic cooling pad from top pet brand Snugglesafe.

Squidgypigs Haypigs Piggy Crash Mat Review

Today we are reviewing the Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat. What is the Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat? A circular, fleece, Guinea Pig circus themed bed. Pee resistant and machine washable. What can your Guinea Pig do with it?: Sleep on it.... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs on You Tube

You can now find us on You Tube at Channel Squidgypigs . We will eventually be posting video reviews of some of our favourite products but for now we have some exclusive (not seen on Instagram) piggy vids. Love and Chin... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs Haypigs Circus Hidey Hut Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the Haypigs! Circus Hidey Hut. What is a Haypigs! Circus Hidey Hut?: A Circus themed Guinea Pig bed. Made of soft snuggly fleece. Machine washable. Includes two interchangeable pee pads.   Haypigs! State: A snug and... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the Wheek Wagon from Haypigs! Simply the most stylish Guinea Pig hay rack money can buy.

Squidgypigs Rosewood Meadow Hay Cookies Guinea Pig Review 2017

Sometimes you encounter pet products that are so good at their job that they endure through all changes and adventures your Guinea Pig herd encounter.  For the Squidgypigs; Rosewood Meadow Hay Cookies are one of those products.  What are Rosewood... Continue Reading →

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