Squidgypigs – NEWS – Exciting Changes for Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch 

This week whilst shopping for vegetables for the Squidgypigs I noticed that bags of Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch now bear the following sticker on them… 

Squidgypigs - Wagg
Squidgypigs – Wagg

A visit to their website and an email later I’m happy to report there are some exciting changes about to happen to Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch.

What’s going to happen?:

  • They are changing to an “all in one” pellet mix.
  • Additionally the pellets will include a little more fibre and more vitamin D.


  • To prevent selective feeding.

When is this going to happen?:

  • It’s already happening.
  • The pellet quota in their Crunch mix is being gradually increased.
  • This will hopefully help your piggies with the transition. 

Squidgypigs - Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch
Squidgypigs – Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch

I personally think this is a really positive change and look forward to testing out the new pellet mix and sharing our review with you.

You can find out more about the changes at http://www.waggfoods.com/changes

And see our review of the old style Wagg Guinea Pig Crunch here.


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