Heritage Pets Small Animal Exercise Run Review

Update (12/04/2018) at end of review…

Today we are reviewing the Heritage Small Animal Exercise Run.

Heritage Small Animal Cage Review

What is the Heritage Small Animal Run?:

  • A metal (zinc electroplated) Guinea Pig (or other pet) run.
  • Consists of 8 panels and 8 rods to join them together.
  • Can be made into a rectangle, square or octagon.
  • Has a bolt latch door.
  • Complete with cover!

Where can I buy the Heritage Small Animal Run?:


  • The Heritage Run arrives flat packed in a strong cardboard box.
  • There are no instructions but the run is easy to put together by simply placing the rods through the hooks on the panels.
  • The panel and rod construction of the pen is versatile and I love that it can be made into a rectangle, square or octagon.
  • Once constructed the run is a good size and fitted our 15 strong Girly Fluff herd without them getting overcrowded and stressed. A single pair of pigs would have a lovely time running zoomies around the run.
  • The cover is half mesh and half opaque material. This functions as both a sunshade and also as a lid keeping out undesirables and light showers of rain.
  • It’s probably not going to keep out a determined hungry fox but should give an opportunistic cat or bird of prey a challenge.
  • Personally we do not leave the Squidgypigs unsupervised so it’s not a huge concern for us. However the cover is easy to set up and works well.
  • By pushing down on the rods you can drive them into the ground adding further stability and security. This is particularly useful if your garden is on a slope or unlevel ground.
  • There is a door on the pen which big enough for an adult to lean easily through to pick up pigs, or for a child to climb completely through. The bolted lock is simple but effective. We have had no escapigs!
  • The Heritage Run has great potential for expansion by simply buying another run and joining it with the rods included. NOTE: Please see update at the end of review…
  • I would also imagine you could use it as a c&c alternative inside, although taller that c&c it would make a really strong, sturdy cage for a couple of pigs.

Squidgypigs, Heritage small animal run review


  • I absolutely LOVE our Heritage Run.
  • Safe, secure and easy to construct if you need a portable small animal run the Heritage run probably has everything you need.

Update: 12/04/2018

  • Since our Squidgypig herd is now 18 strong we thought it was time that we expanded our run.
  • Since our Heritage Small Animal Exercise Run has served us well as a small occasional run Heritage were a natural first choice to expand with.
  • Two additional runs later and our cage is huge!

Squidgypigs : big guinea pig run / cage.

  • As before the run panels slotted perfectly together to create our giant run.
  • Although the covers obviously won’t now stretch over the expanse of this extended run I am considering fitting a cover on one of the corners to give the Squidgypigs a cosy corner of shade.
  • As before the Squidgypigs are not left unattended so we don’t have to worry about predators.

She's happy really...

  • We are VERY pleased with our extended heritage cage! It was easy to set up and perfect for our needs.
  • We may even further extend in the summer…

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