Heritage Pets Small Animal Exercise Run Review

Today we are reviewing the Heritage Small Animal Exercise Run.

Heritage Small Animal Run Review
Heritage Small Animal Run Review

What is the Heritage Small Animal Run?:

  • A metal (zinc electroplated) Guinea Pig (or other pet) run.
  • Consists of 8 panels and 8 rods to join them together.
  • Can be made into a rectangle, square or octagon.
  • Has a bolt latch door.
  • Complete with cover! 

Where can I buy the Heritage Small Animal Run?:


  • The Heritage Run arrives flat packed in a strong cardboard box.
  • There are no instructions but the run is easy to put together by simply placing the rods through the hooks on the panels. 
  • The panel and rod construction of the pen is versatile and I love that it can be made into a rectangle, square or octagon. 
  • 15 pigs
    15 pigs
  • Once constructed the run is a good size and fitted our 15 strong Girly Fluff herd without them getting overcrowded and stressed. A single pair of pigs would have a lovely time running zoomies around the run.
  • The mesh cover is half mesh and half opaque material. This functions as both a sunshade and also as a lid keeping out undesirables. It’s probably not going to keep out a determined hungry fox but should give an opportunistic cat or bird of prey a challenge. 
  • By pushing down on the rods you can drive them into the ground adding further stability and security.
  • There is a door on the pen which big enough to lean through and pick up pigs or for a child to climb through. The bolted lock is simple but effective.
  • The Heritage Run has great potential for expansion by simply buying another run and joining it on with the rods included.
  • I would also imagine you could use it as a c&c alternative inside, although high that c&c it would make a really strong sturdy cage for a couple of pigs. 


  • I absolutely LOVE the Heritage Run.
  • Safe, secure and easy to construct if you need a portable small animal run the Heritage run probably has everything you need.

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