#squidgypigaway5 Who Won and What Happened

A huge thank you to everyone who entered #squidgypigaway5 

Between Twitter and Instagram entries (discounting those who didn’t follow rules…) there were 164 amazing entries!

Who Won?:

I am delighted to announce the winners are… 

  • 1st place: @snugglor (Twitter)
  • 2nd place: @first_timepiggies (Instagram)
  • 3rd place: @mo_steve_delightful.duo (Instagram)




What happened?:

  • So… this has been rather hilariously awkward.
  • I initially drew the three winners at 14.44 on Saturday the 2nd of September.
  • However as you can see there was a slight problem with the 3rd Prize winner…  
The original winners!
The original winners!
  • When I went to take a screen shot (from their profiles) for the announcement post; I discovered that they appear to have either blocked us or left Instagram! *
Artist impression of Squidgypigs' expression at that time.
Artist impression of Squidgypigs’ expression at that time.
  • So, I was thus faced with a problem. 
  • I wondered should I completely redraw the prizes and know that two completely rule abiding people should have won 1st and 2nd places? 
  • Should I announce that the person did win 3rd and risk possibly countless people coming forward saying they are that person “I changed my name…”. 
  • Or should I just redraw a third place? 

I chose the third option and out of a draw of 161 entrants the result was:

The new 3rd!
The new 3rd!


Thank you so much for ALL your entries. 

Winners you now have 72 hours to contact me with an address or I guess I will have to redraw again…nooooooo!

*I’ve since checked on a couple of accounts and they definitely seem to have left IG.


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