Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Badge Review

Today we are reviewing Birdie Tam’s Guinea Pig Badges.

Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Badges
Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Badges

What are Birdie Tam’s Guinea Pig Badges?:

  • Badges with assorted Guinea Pig breed designs on them.
  • 2 choices of design (see below).
  • 2 sizes: 1 and 1.5 inch.
  • Handmade in Sweden.
  • $1 of each sell goes to rescues.
  • Also available as magnets!

2 different designs
2 different designs

“I originally made this art for a guinea pig rescue so that they could raise money to support their cause. To continue with that, $1 of every purchase will be donated to guinea pig rescues!”

-Birdie Tam

What can I do with Birdie Tam’s Guinea Pig Badges?:

  • Pin them anywhere that will make you happy.

Where can I buy Birdie Tam’s Guinea Pig Badges?:


  • £5.15 for 1 inch badges.
  • £5.85 for 1.5 inch badges.

No Slincypig badge?
No Slincypig badge?


  • I was initially drawn to the beautifully quirky illustrations on the Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Badges. I chose the pack I did because of the slightly eccentric looking Abyssinian that reminds me of Ethel-Seal, however I actually equally love the other pack, particularly the Teddy pig, so if someone would like to buy them for me for Christmas I’d be a happy blogger 😉
  • Ethel-Seal...the slightly eccentric Abyssinian.
    Ethel-Seal…the slightly eccentric Abyssinian.

  • I really liked the 1 inch sizing of the badges. The slightly-smaller-than-usual proportions mean that they make great additions to accessories like bags, ID lanyards and of course  they are the perfect size for children like Squidgygirl!
  • Birdie Tam Review
    Birdie Tam Review

  • The back are simple but effective and I haven’t had any problems with them falling off.
  • Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Badge Review
    Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Badge Review
  • I love that $1 of each sale goes to rescues, I’m noticing these subtle acts of piggy philanthropy more and more in small pet businesses and it’s lovely to see. Every little really does help.
Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Magnet
Birdie Tam Guinea Pig Magnet
  • Birdie Tam was kind enough to send a 1.5 inch Guinea Pig Magnet with the badges.
  • 1.5 inch is absolutely perfect for magnets; big enough to handle and position without being overbearing.
  • The actual Magnet is strong and effective and the Magnet stays in place without wandering down the fridge.
  • The Magnet shows an adorable Rex piggy designed with Birdie Tams wonderfully quirky style.


  • I love all of Birdie Tams designs and believe these badges and magnets would make wonderful gifts for any Guinea Pig lovers.

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