Nature’s Own Dried Flower Mix Review 

Today we are reviewing Nature’s Own Dried Flower Mix.

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What is Nature’s Own Dried Flower Mix?:

  • 100% Mixed dried flowers for your small pets.
  • Marigold, rose petals; cornflowers and sunflowers.
Slincypig: so extra he sleeps on a bed of flowers...
Slincypig: so extra he sleeps on a bed of flowers…

What can I do with Nature’s Own Dried Flower Mix?:

  • Feed it neat to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Feed it to your Guinea Pigs mixed in hay.
  • Hide it around your Guinea Pigs’ cage or in a feeder.

“Our Dried Flower Mix of marigold; rose petals; cornflowers and sunflowers is a complementary feed which you can add to your favourite hay, such as Nature’s Own Sweet Green, to encourage foraging as well as being a great boredom reliever. You can also feed the Dried Flower Mix by hand to enhance your bond with your furry loved ones. This treat is healthy, natural, low in sugar and high in fibre.”

– Nature’s Own 

Blondie's favourite bits were the rose and sunflower petals...
Blondie’s favourite bits were the rose and sunflower petals…

Where can I buy Nature’s Own Dried Flower Mix?:


  • 200g – £5.19
  • 1kg – £10.99
Slincypig and his favourite Nature's Own goodies...
Slincypig and his favourite Nature’s Own goodies…


  • I recently remarked that “A bag of Nature’s Own Dried Marigold Flowers is ‘basically a bag of golden sunshine’” if Marigold is sunshine then a bag of Nature’s Own Dried Flower Mix is a fabulous rainbow.
  • Upon opening either size bag of Nature’s Own Dried Flower Mix you are met with a wonderful floral aroma.
  • As with Nature’s Own Dried Marigold; you really are into pot pouree territory. Throwing these beautiful petals into a big pile of hay not only made the Squidgypigs quite excited but also made their cage smell great, until they gobbled it up of course!
  • Beautiful: Nature's Own Dried Flowers Review
    Beautiful: Nature’s Own Dried Flowers Review
  • These flowers were of course irresistible to the Squidgypigs whether fed as a beautifully colourful snack in a bowl or hand or mixed into their favourite hay.
  • Mixing in hay means you can both give your Guinea Pigs a tasty treat and also a foraging challenge to encourage exercise and boredom breaking. It also looks really pretty… 
  • Mix with hay for natural foraging behaviour.
    Mix with hay for natural foraging behaviour.
  • All Nature’s Own products are superbly dried and dust extracted so shouldn’t pose a threat to eyes or noses when your Guinea Pigs dive in for a wriggle in the hay.
  • Miley's bum..
    Miley’s bum..
  • Feeding these Dried Flower Mix should even encourage reluctant hay feeders to have a good nibble which we know is essential for their open rooted (ever-growing) teeth.
  • Nutrients-wise; Marigold is full of antioxidants, rose petals have good amounts of vitamin C (great for piggies), cornflower has good levels of B7 (biotin) and sunflower petals are an excellent source of vitamin E
  • They also clearly all taste delicious! 


  • I adore these bags of flowers from Nature’s Own and with its broad floral aroma and beautiful colours this is my favourite yet.
  • This gorgeous mix was absolutely adored by the Squidgypigs and really believe this is a mix that will be loved by the vast majority of Guinea Pigs (yes, we all know THAT pig that would rather eat his bed or his owner but shh…). 
  • As with other Nature’s Own flower and herb mixes they really are delightfully versatile, providing nutrition and entertainment value to owner and pig alike.

Please note: Nature’s Own sent us this bag of Dried Flower Mix to review. To find out more about Nature’s Own please visit their site at:


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