Fatty Eye in Guinea Pigs

Today we are looking at the condition of Fatty Eye which is sometimes called Pea Eye.

Although initially quite alarming Fatty Eye is a generally harmless condition that some Guinea Pigs develop as they mature.

What is Fatty Eye?:

  • A swelling of the conjunctival tissue beneath the eye.

What does it look like?:

  • A white or pink rim around the bottom or side of the eye.
  • Sometimes only one eye is effected, sometimes both.

What causes it?:

  • It’s largely an hereditary condition passed down from an effected parent.
  • There is speculation that it can be caused by rapid weight gain, water retention or even heart problems.
  • But since there are numerous overweight pigs with and without heart conditions that don’t have Fatty Eye it seems quite a tentative link.
  • In my experience it is just a harmless bulge.

What treatment is available?:

  • Treatment isn’t needed unless the protuberance is restricting vision or preventing the eyelid from closing.
  • I believe sometimes it is possible to laser the tissue away.
  • You should speak with a vet if Fatty Eye is causing problems.

A number of the Squidgypigs have Fatty Eye, these are all descendants of Ned who had a very noticeable case of Fatty Eye.

We have thankfully never had any problems with it impacting on their health and I actually find it quite endearing.


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