Squidgypigs Binky and Wheeks Fruit Dangler Kit Review

Today the Squidgypigs have been reviewing Binky and Wheeks' Fruit Dangler Kit. What is a Fruit Dangler Kit?: Everything you need to make at least 1 Fruit Dangler. With instructions. What can your Guinea Pig do with a Fruit Dangler?: Eat it. Chew through the raffia. Invent new yoga stretches to reach it (well this is... Continue Reading →

Can Guinea Pigs Swim? 

Reposting this so that it's easy to find.  Can Guinea Pigs Swim? "I saw it on You Tube and thought I'd try it..." This is perhaps my biggest hate on Instagram.  Guinea pigs can technically swim, but they really shouldn't be put in a position that they have to. Much like a baby human. A swimming... Continue Reading →

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