Rest In Peace Morag

I’m heartbroken to announce that Morag has passed away.

Morag Squidgypigs.

We rescued Morag alongside fellow Squidgypigs Blondie, Miley, Football and Ned (RIP) from a breeding project gone wrong; all sows were heavily pregnant, with overgrown nails, dental problems, various injuries and mud matted into their fur.

Meeting late evening in the back of a rainy supermarket car park; the man that had let them get to this state of neglect unloaded four pigs from tatty cardboard boxes. As I was loading them into our car I saw him hesitating over a remaining box: “I know I should have said something but there’s another one here if you want it…”

She screamed in terror and bit every time anybody tried to handle her. A piggy burrito was in order. I wrapped her in a towel and had a good luck.

Morag had severely overgrown nails, and a level of oozing bumblefoot I had never seen before. She was in a lot of pain. So much pain that she was shaking.

I trimmed her nails, and cleaned her feet and gradually the shaking stopped. I unwrapped her and she looked up at me no longer scared . From that moment on we respected each other and I like to believe that respect grew to love. She was my queen of the donut lips and chin rubs and I am heartbroken to lose her.


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