Rest In Peace Britney

I’m utterly shocked to say that Britney has passed away.

Britney Squidgypigs

Some piggy deaths; like Morag’s are expected. After a period of illness or even extreme old age a sense of inevitability surrounds our thoughts. Some piggies slip away unexpectedly at night we find them in the morning curled up in eternal slumber, never to awaken.

Other piggies are like Britney. Britney was happily doing Pig things just 10 minutes before i found her body. She showed no signs of illness, no weightloss, and was still eating and drinking right up to the end. I am assuming she had a heart attack. Goodbye Britney our beautiful, wonderful girl.

Britney SquidgypigsBritney SquidgypigsBritney SquidgypigsBritney Squidgypigs


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