Just A Card Wheeek – Great Guinea Pig Shops

To celebrate “Just a Card Week” we are having our own “Just a Card Wheeek!” – here are some of our favourite Guinea Pig Cards from some of our favourite artists and creative businesses (in no particular order) .

Just a card...

1. Popcorning Piggies.

Popcorning Piggies

2. ByKateElford


3. Guineapig Wheekly

Guineapig Wheekly

4. Illustrate My Day

Illustrate My Day

5. Blossom and Ivy

Blossom and Ivy

7. Hobbs and Sweep


8. When Guinea Pigs Fly

When Guinea Pigs Fly

9. Out of the Hutch

Out of the Hutch

By buying “just a card” (or a pen or a badge) just support small creative businesses and artists .

Do you have a favourite small business that sells piggy items? Please share them below…


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