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Guinea Pig Art

15% Off The Magical Guinea Pig Colouring Book 

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The Squidgypigs Guide to Guinea Pig Artists

Today we look at artists who feature Guinea Pigs in their work.

Squidgypigs The Flying Carpet by Caroline Whittle Guinea Pig Book Review 

Today we review "The Flying Carpet" a beautiful storybook by Caroline Whittle of Out Of The Hutch fame.

Squidgypigs The Magical Guinea Pig Colouring Book Review 

Today we are reviewing The Magical Guineapig Colouring Book by Katie Leonard, a fabulous kawaii book from the Guineapigwheekly artist.

Squidgypigs – More Guinea Pig Art

Following on from my previous art post I can update that I have two more Squidgypig profile drawings to add. Firstly Marilyn... Then new boy Tabby... I would love to see other people's pet art too...

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