Haypigs Guinea Pig Pocket Mirror Review

Today we are reviewing Haypig’s Pocket Mirrors.

Haypigs Pocket Mirror Review
Haypig Pocket Mirror Review

What are Haypigs Mirrors?:

  • Featuring a variety of designs by artist Stephen Sharpe such as “I know I’m a star, my guinea pig said so.” and “Mirror, mirror, in my paw, who is the prettiest piggy of them all?”.
  • Made from metal and glass.
The prettiest piggy of all...
The prettiest piggy of all…

Where can I buy a Haypigs Pocket Mirror?:

Haypigs Pocket Mirrors Review


  • At a couple of inches in diameter the Haypigs Pocket Mirrors are the perfect size to keep in your bag or pocket (strangely enough!).
Haypigs Pocket Mirrors
Haypigs Pocket Mirrors
  • Their streamline design means they do not take up a lot of room yet their bright and cheerful designs ensure they’re not lost in general handbag chaos.
  • The smooth shell of the mirrors feel nice in your hand and are a good size to hold.
Artwork by Stephen Sharpe
Artwork by Stephen Sharpe
  • The artwork by Stephen Sharpe features a variety of cute piggies from Lion Pig (who features on a variety of Haypigs products) to a particularly fine looking hairless skinny pig.


  • You’re not going to find a cuter mirror.

Please note: Haypigs sent us these mirrors for review if you would like to know more about their mirrors or any other Haypigs products you can visit their site at www.haypigs.com


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