Squidgypigs Guinea Pig Christmas Decorations

Today is a little special because we are ‘reviewing’ the very first product of our own shop; the Squidgypigs Angel Guinea Pig Christmas Decoration.

Guinea Pig Christmas Decoration Guinea Pig Christmas Decoration

What is the Squidgypigs Angel Guinea Pig Christmas Decoration?:

  • A dangly wooden charm to hang from your Christmas tree.
  • Featuring an Angel Guinea Pig and our motto “Love & Chin Rubs”.
  • 4 inches wide.
  • Made from professionally laser-cut walnut veneer.
  • With original artwork handrawn by myself.
  • Tied with festive red grosgrain ribbon.
Guinea Pig Christmas Ornament

What can I do with it?:

  • Hang it from the branches of your Christmas Tree.
  • Dangle it anywhere else you may want to dangle a Guinea Pig.

Where can I buy one?:


If Christmas Decoration aren’t your thing you may enjoy this particular design as a Keyring or greetings Card.

Squidgypigs Squidgypigs


  • A perfect gift for a Guinea Pig lover, for your own house, or to remember a dear departed pet that has scampered over the rainbow bridge.
  • Guaranteed to put some cavy in your Christmas Day!

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