My Little Rodent Pet Cocoon Review

Today we are reviewing the Pet Cocoon from My Little Rodent.

What is a Pet Cocoon?:

  • A cute giraffe shaped pet bed.
  • Easily washable.
  • Enclosed ‘Cocoon’ shape.
  • Non slip base.
  • Faux fur edging.
  • Removable inner fleece pad.

  • What can my Guinea Pig do with a Pet Cocoon?:
    • Sleep in it.
    • Hide in it.
    • Eat in it.
    • Flatten it and lay on top.
    • Where can I buy a Pet Cocoon?:


    • Upon first seeing the Pet Cocoon I was initially drawn to the shape.
    • I really like the cute giraffe design and the deep basket like “Cocoon” shape envelopes the pig and makes them feel secure, this could be good for nervous piggies.
    • The removable cushion is both comfortable and practical, acting as an absorbent pee pad that can be removed and replaced at your leisure.
    • When there was just too much poop we found the Pet Cocoon to wash very easily and it kept its shape very well.


    • A cute and quirky bed that I’m sure your piggies would love.

    Please note: My Little Rodent Sent us this Cocoon for review . If you’d like to know more about them or any of their products please visit: My Little Rodent.


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