This week the Squidgypigs were excited to be sent some:


Friendship Estates ReadiGrass and NEW Green Oat ReadiGrass to review.

What is it?:
Heat dried ryegrass or green oat grass
Guineapig aphrodisiac

Original ReadiGrass consists of fine blades of green grass chopped into couple of inch lengths. The grass is clean, dry and with very little dust.

Green Oat ReadiGrass as the name suggests consists of longer blades of green oat grasses; it possesses a rougher texture but remains just as crisp and clean.

Squidgypigs - ReadiGrass vs Green Oat ReadiGrass

What can your pet do with it?:
Eat it
Fight over it (Doughnut & Bagel-Baby hang your heads in shame!)

Where to buy it?:
Pet shops
Horse/farm supply shops

£3.95 for 1kg ReadiGrass
£4.74 for 1kg Green Oat ReadiGrass
at The Hay Experts .

Squidgypigs - Ethel-Seal loved her ReadiGrass

The heat drying process ensures that ReadiGrass maintains not only it’s rich colour but also it’s nutritional benefits. As their website states:

Made exclusively from British pastures, the unique lower-temperature drying process removes the water, but leaves the fragrant grass aroma, vibrant colour and most importantly the high nutrient value of fresh grass. 

This ensures that ReadiGrass is more nutritious than hay but without destroying the fibre that guinea pigs and rabbits need for both healthy digestion and to help wear down teeth.

Morag enjoyed her ReadiGrass.

Once they get a whiff of ReadiGrass the Squidgypigs genuinely went crazy, it really seems to appeal to every guineapig sense there is. It even seemed to turn cute little baby Slincypig into a purring, butt wiggling hormonal mess (we weren’t kidding over the aphrodisiac bit above…).

The Squidgypigs seemed to love both types of ReadiGrass equally however the Green Oat ReadiGrass contains slightly less calcium content so could be a good alternative to the original for animals with a history of calcium issues.

Ethel-Seal enjoyed her Green Oat ReadiGrass.

This is a really lovely product. Due to this high nutritional content I would definitely consider buying ReadiGrass not only as a treat for all the Squidgypigs but specifically to help boost my elderly girl’s weight gain in their retirement.

Love & Chin Rubs xox