This week the Squidgypigs were excited to be sent some:


Friendship Estates ReadiGrass and NEW Green Oat ReadiGrass to review.

What is it?:

  • Heat dried ryegrass or green oat grass
  • Guineapig aphrodisiac

Original ReadiGrass:

  • …consists of fine blades of green grass chopped into couple of inch lengths. The grass is clean, dry and with very little dust.

Green Oat ReadiGrass:

  • …as the name suggests consists of longer blades of green oat grasses; it possesses a rougher texture but remains just as crisp and clean.


What can your pet do with Readigrass?

  • Eat it
  • Fight over it (Doughnut & Princess Bagel-Baby hang your heads in shame!)

Where to buy it?:

  • Pet shops
  • Horse/farm supply shops
  • Online


  • £3.95 for 1kg ReadiGrass
  • £4.74 for 1kg Green Oat ReadiGrass 
  • at The Hay Experts .



  • The heat drying process ensures that ReadiGrass maintains not only it’s rich colour but also it’s nutritional benefits. 
  • As their website states:

Made exclusively from British pastures, the unique lower-temperature drying process removes the water, but leaves the fragrant grass aroma, vibrant colour and most importantly the high nutrient value of fresh grass. 

  • This ensures that ReadiGrass is more nutritious than hay but without destroying the fibre that guinea pigs and rabbits need for both healthy digestion and to help wear down teeth.
  • Morag enjoyed her ReadiGrass.
  • Once they get a whiff of ReadiGrass the Squidgypigs genuinely went crazy, it really seems to appeal to every guineapig sense there is. It even seemed to turn cute little baby Slincypig into a purring, butt wiggling hormonal mess (we weren’t kidding over the aphrodisiac bit above…).
  • The Squidgypigs seemed to love both types of ReadiGrass equally however the Green Oat ReadiGrass contains slightly less calcium content so could be a good alternative to the original for animals with a history of calcium issues.
  • Ethel-Seal enjoyed her Green Oat ReadiGrass:


  • This is a really lovely product. Due to this high nutritional content I would definitely consider buying ReadiGrass not only as a treat for all the Squidgypigs but specifically to help boost my elderly girl’s weight gain in their retirement.

Please note: Friendship Estates were kind enough to send us a bag of both types of Readigrass to review. If you would like to know more about them visit their site at:

Love & Chin Rubs xox