Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Crafted4Pets Guinea Pig Bowties 

This week The Squidgypigs are reviewing (definitely the most unusual thing we’ve ever been asked to review) – Crafted4Pets Guinea Pig Bowties.


Squidgypigs - Crafted4EPets
“Bowties are cool”

What are Crafted4Pets bowties?

  • Bowties for Guinea Pigs.
  • Available in a range of colours and designs.
  • Handmade in the UK by Rebecca Li.

How can your pet use them?

  • Wear them.
  • Become a Dr Who impersonator.
  • Be the next James Bond.

Where to buy them?:


  • £3 or £4 per bow tie.


  • When you imagine a ‘Guinea Pig Bowtie’ if you’re like me you are expecting a bow on a piece of elastic. Oh no, certainly not with a Crafted4Pets Guinea Pig Bowtie, as you can see from the above picture these are beautifully made little collars with a proper adjustable toggle and safety clasp (not to mention matching collar colour).
  • Although obviously not designed to be worn continuously (Guinea Pigs are prey animals and wouldn’t appreciate it) the materials are soft yet functional and easily wipe cleaned.
  • The bowtie was easy to put on and take off and didn’t stress Ned out at all, he actually obliviously continued to munch cucumber (obviously if your pig shows any sign of worry you’d be advised to stop immediately!).
  • This review has to come with the disclaimer of “if you do not like clothes on pets do not put them on your pets”, it’s certainly of no direct benefit to your pet, but if you’re going to dress up your pets you should use good quality clothes that won’t cause distress of damage.


Crafted4Pets Reviewed by Squidgypigs
The name is Squidgypig, Ned Squidgypig.


  • If your Guinea Pig is the fashionable diva type that demands the very best of clothes for their fashion shoots you should definitely check out Crafted4Pets.
  • If you don’t want to dress up your pets, don’t.
Squidgypigs - Crafted4Pets
The bowties look good on girls too!

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