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Squidgypigs- Guinea Pig Treat Fruit and Veg Part 1

Squidgypigs Guide To The Basics In addition to hay and a good quality dry food every Guinea Pig should have approximately a cupful of fresh vitamin C rich veg a day. Squidgypigs recommend a mixture of Spring Greens, Savoy Cabbage... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Fireworks safety for small pets (Guinea Pigs and Rabbits).

It's firework season in the U.K. at the moment; blasting off this weekend with Halloween and Diwali, Guy Faulks Night follows on the 5th of November and all too frequently the accompanying flashes and bangs will then trickle through to... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Introducing New Guinea Pig Tabby.

Tabby couldn't stay with his previous family because he was prone to fighting with other boys, so before he flittered away the family's fortune in cage fighting bars we stepped in and asked if he fancied becoming a Squidgypig?

Squidgypigs – 2016 Rio Olympigs / Olympics

To celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics Squidgypigs has been running their own 'Olympigs' event on our Instagram. To receive a Olympics feature our followers had to tag us in their own Olympic themed Guinea Pig #Olympig photos. We were overwhelmed by... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Smartkitz Midi Slot and Go

This week the lovely folk at Smartkitz sent the Squidgypigs their "Midi Slot and Go" to review. What is it?: Precut cardboard maze components. What can your pet do with it?: Play in it. Run through the holes. Chew it.... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – The Squidgypigs Guide to Fleece Bedding

Welcome to the Squidgypigs Guide to Fleece Bedding. Why use fleece?: It's warm. It's soft. When used properly it's dry. It's readily available. It's cheaper long term than alternative bedding.  Could be considered Eco-friendly when compared with disposable bedding. What... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Guinea Pig Supplies Checklist – What do I need to buy?

I often get asked what all new Guinea Pig owners need to buy. Here is my essential supplies checklist: Cage (minimum 120cm by 60cm). Traditional or c&c. Bedding (woodshavings, paper bedding or fleeces). Food bowl (sturdy). Dry food (pellet/muesli or... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Nature’s Own Sweet GREEN hay

This week The Squidgypigs were lucky enough to be sent some  NEW Nature's own Sweet GREEN Hay to review. What is it: Dust extracted green hay. The hay is grown, harvested and packaged in the South West. Sweet Green is... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs-Guinea Pig Product Reviews-c&c storage

Today we are reviewing: Storage grids from Mesh Cube / Grendle Enterprises. This week the girly Squidgypigs have all had housing upgrades. We have ditched both their hodge-podge of cages, cage extensions,  homemade pens and wood shavings for a rather large... Continue Reading →

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