Drama in Squidgypigland 

Sadly this week saw the split of long term besties Peppa-Pea Pirate Soup & Ethel-Seal The Poo Banana (OK, we’re not letting our daughter choose any sibling’s names….). 

Sadly after witnessing Ethel-Seal be harassed by Peppa-Pea for several weeks, we were sad to witness Peppa chasing her long term buddy away from both food bowls and the water bottles too, further evidence mounted fast when Ethel was found to have lost considerable weight due to her bullying.

Both girls were initially placed into solitary and the difference in Ethel was startling as she started to eat, and eat, and eat and then after a rest she actually popcorned around her home. Peppa didn’t seem particularly bothered at all.

In the name of fairness and friendship we reintroduced after 24 hours, sadly all the previous bad behaviour started again immediately upon reintroduction with the addition of Peppa actually launching herself at Ethel and biting her. They were separated again.
The single life continued for both girls until Rhona’s gang of Girly Fluffs came calling for Ethel during floor time. 

It was lovely to see Ethel playing with the girls like she used to with Peppa during happier days. As it transpires it was absolute love at first sight for gang leader Rhona and fuzzy Ethel who are now often found snuggling together (sorry Peppa, if you liked it then you shouldda putta ring on it…).


UPDATE 3rd of November: 

Both Ethel and Peppa have now been living with the main girly megaherd for a number of months now. All is peaceful and both girls are thriving. 


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