This week The Squidgypigs were delighted to be sent some:


Megazorb bedding to review.

What is it?:

  • Virgin wood pulp bedding
  • A by-product of the paper industry.
  • Light brown in colour 
  • Eco friendly and compostable
  • It’s mega(ab)sorb(ent) – see what they did? 😉
  • Squidgypigs review Megazorb
    Squidgypigs review Megazorb

What can your pet do with it?:

  • (Finally one Slincypig can excel at) Piddle on it
  • Poop on it
  • Sleep on it
  • Run around on it
  • Generally live on it

Where can you buy it?:

  • Online
  • Horse / farm supply stores
  • Order it into an independent pet store



  • Being newly single Peppa-Pea was our chief tester for Megazorb. 
  • There is very little smell straight from the bag.
  • There was little to no dust at all in the samples we received making it a great choice for both humans and pigs with allergies. 
  • The light brown Megazorb not only contrasts with Peppa-Pea’s pig poop (yay for alliteration) but tends not to cling to it; meaning poop and hay can easily be removed. 
  • Megazorb & pig poop!
    Megazorb & pig poop!
  • As you can see from the picture of Peppa’s litter tray above; the Megazorb wicks away piddle leaving the top layer dry and soft.


  • I thought the Megazorb made for a great Guinea Pig bedding. There was very little smell even after a few days of not cleaning Peppa’s cage and the wicking action ensured that Peppa was clean and dry even after liberally piddling. I would think this bedding would be perfect for smelly boars however due to the texture of the bedding you may have to be careful that it didn’t get caught in boar-bits.