This week the lovely folk at Smartkitz sent the Squidgypigs their “Midi Slot and Go” to review.

Smartkitz - Slot and Go
Smartkitz – Slot and Go

What is it?:

  • Precut cardboard maze components.

What can your pet do with it?:

  • Play in it.
  • Run through the holes.
  • Chew it.
  • Climb on it.

Squidgypig's Labyrinth - Smartkitz Slot and Go
Squidgypig’s Labyrinth – Smartkitz Slot and Go


Where can I buy it?:


  • I thought this was a really fun product and enjoyed slotting together the component to design a maze worthy of The Squidgypigs.
  • Squidgypigs - Snartkitz Midi Slot and Go Review
    Squidgypigs – Snartkitz Midi Slot and Go Review
  • I think most children would thoroughly enjoy ‘helping’ to piece together the maze. My daughter certainly enjoyed the experience although needed some help lining everything up.
  • Being made completely from recycled cardboard the Midi Slot and Go is environmentally friendly and I’m sure you could either recycle or compost the product once you are finished with it.
  • The smaller/younger pigs really enjoyed darting in and out of the maze to pick up food and play but the Smartkitz Midi Slot and Go’s only fault is that a couple of our particularly fluffy (read as tubby) fully grown adult Guinea Pigs couldn’t actually fit through the holes! 
  • This isn’t to say that everyone would have the same problem; after all Guinea Pigs come in a wide range of sizes. But sadly our larger chubby fluffers just didn’t stand a chance. Sorry Blondie. 
Squidgypigs - Blondie : Just too much 'fluff'
Squidgypigs – Blondie : Just too much ‘fluff’
  • I’m guessing the product would be more suited to smaller rodents; I could see rats, Syrian hamsters and possibly mice enjoying the product; however fear the holes may be too small for fully grown chinchillas and certainly too small for the majority of rabbits.


  • I loved the idea of this fun to build product and was terribly disappointed that it was simply too small for some of our piggies.
  • If you have naturally small pigs I’m sure they would get a lot of pleasure from the Midi Slot and Go.
  • Squidgypigs - Snartkitz Midi Slot and Go Review
    Squidgypigs – Snartkitz Midi Slot and Go Review
  • Sadly if your piggies are on the larger side or indeed long haired this is sadly probably a product to miss. (Sad piggy face).