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Squidgypigs – Rosewood Naturals Nibble ‘n’ Dig Meadow Review

Today we are reviewing the Rosewood Naturals' Nibble 'n' Dig Meadow . What is it?: A parchment tray impregnated with hay. Folled with loam which has been rooted with grasses, herbs and flowers. I imagine that it would be suitable for... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Rosewood Naturals Veg Patch Sackaroo Review

Today we are reviewing the Rosewood Naturals Veg Patch Sackaroo. What is it? A small jute sack. Filled with 8 different kinds of herbs, grasses and dried veg. There is small hole already in the sack to enable your pets... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Rosewood Naturals Woven Stack n Hide Den Review

As part of their 10th Birthday celebrations we were delighted that the lovely folk at Rosewood Naturals sent the Squidgypigs a selection of their latest products to test. Today we are reviewing Rosewood Naturals'  Woven Stack 'n' Hide den.What is it? A... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Happy 10th Birthday Rosewood Naturals – New Guinea Pig Product Reviews

Rosewood Pet Products are celebrating the 10th birthday of their Naturals range by releasing a new line of products for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other rodents. As part of their celebrations they were kind enough to send the Squidgypigs some... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs  – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Fuzziggles Guinea Pig Plushies

Today we are reviewing   Fuzziggles Guinea Pig Plushies all the way from Salem, USA!  What is it?  A big fuzzy plushy Guinea Pig. Made from: faux fur, wool felt, down alternative super soft polyfill, safety eyes . This particular... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Pets at Home Woodland Bright’s Trio of Willow Balls

This week the Squidgypigs are reviewing   Woodland Bright's Trio of Willow Balls. One of three year old Squidgytoddler's favourite hobbies is buying new goodies for our megaherd of 12 sows. Whilst browsing in our local Pets at Home her... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Smartkitz Midi Slot and Go

This week the lovely folk at Smartkitz sent the Squidgypigs their "Midi Slot and Go" to review. What is it?: Precut cardboard maze components. What can your pet do with it?: Play in it. Run through the holes. Chew it.... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – Guinea Pig Supplies Checklist – What do I need to buy?

I often get asked what all new Guinea Pig owners need to buy. Here is my essential supplies checklist: Cage (minimum 120cm by 60cm). Traditional or c&c. Bedding (woodshavings, paper bedding or fleeces). Food bowl (sturdy). Dry food (pellet/muesli or... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – #Squidgypigaway2 Winner!

And the winner of our giveaway is: @wish_upon_a_piggie. CONGRATULATIONS! Love & Chin Rubs xox

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