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Squidgypigs Haypigs Cavy Cannonball Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the spectacular Haypigs! Cavy Canonball. What is the Haypigs! Cavy Cannonball? A circus themed tilting tunnel for Guinea Pigs (or other small animals). Made from pet safe polypropylene plastic and chewable pet-friendly cardboard. What can your Guinea... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs Haypigs Piggy Weightlifter Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing a new fun and versatile Guinea Pig treat feeder - The Piggy Weightlifter from Haypigs!

Squidgypigs Haypigs Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the Wheek Wagon from Haypigs! Simply the most stylish Guinea Pig hay rack money can buy.

Squidgypigs Rosewood Meadow Hay Cookies Guinea Pig Review 2017

Sometimes you encounter pet products that are so good at their job that they endure through all changes and adventures your Guinea Pig herd encounter.  For the Squidgypigs; Rosewood Meadow Hay Cookies are one of those products.  What are Rosewood... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – roll up roll up have you heard about the Haypigs Guinea Pig Circus?

This week the Squidgypigs are excited to be reviewing a range of circus themed Guinea Pig products from the ever so stylish Haypigs!  Who are Haypigs?: A bright, fun Guinea Pig Product brand. Based in the UK. Promoting a high... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs Rosewood Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Food Review

Today the Squidgypigs are lucky enough to be reviewing Rosewood Meadow Menu for Guinea Pigs.   What is Rosewood Meadow Menu?: Meadow Menu is a balanced complementary diet for Guinea Pigs. It is 100% free from grains. It is 100%... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs Binky and Wheeks Willowherb Wands Guinea Pig Review

Today we are reviewing Binky and Wheeks Willowherb Wands.  What are Binky and Wheeks Willowherb Wands?: Short lengths of Willowherb. What can you do with Willowherb Wands? Give them to your Guinea Pigs to keep their ever growing teeth short.... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs Rosewood I Love Hay Cube Guinea Pig Review 

Today the Squidgypigs are delighted to be reviewing the Rosewood I Love Hay Cube. What is the Rosewood I Love Hay Cube? A hay coated parchment box. Filled with hay and marigold.  With heart shaped holes. ​ What can... Continue Reading →

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