Squidgypigs – Guinea Pig Product Reviews – The Squidgypigs Guide to Fleece Bedding

Welcome to the Squidgypigs Guide to Fleece Bedding.

Squidgypigs - Piggies  LOVE fleece.
Squidgypigs – Piggies LOVE fleece.

Why use fleece for Guinea Pig Bedding?:

  • It’s warm.
  • It’s soft.
  • When used properly it’s dry.
  • It’s readily available.
  • It’s cheaper long term than alternative bedding. 
  • Could be considered Eco-friendly when compared with disposable bedding.
  • It looks rather nice.

What do you mean by “used properly”?:

  • In order to be a dry, clean bedding for your piggies you must first prepare the fleece then layer your fleece in a particular way so that moisture (piddle) is wicked away from your pigs.
  • New fleece is treated before sale with a waterproof conditioner that means liquid will pool and run off instead of wicking through.
Squidgypigs - How to use fleece as  Guinea Pig bedding...
Squidgypigs – How to use fleece as Guinea Pig bedding…

How to prepare a new fleece:

  • Wash your new fleece in a washing machine at a standard temperature with washing powder or liquid.
  • Do not under any circumstances use fabric conditioner or dryer sheets. 
  • Repeat this wash at least three times to ensure the coating has been removed. 

How to layer fleece:

  • There are three essential layers.
  • The bottom layer is a WATERPROOF layer to contain the piddle and stop your flooring being ruined. Corrogated plastic, a shower curtain or Lino are good options. Due to the size of our Megaherd cage we use a large tarpaulin.
  • Squudgypigs - This shows both our WATERPROOF layer and also our ABSORBENT layer.
    Squudgypigs – This shows both our WATERPROOF layer and also our ABSORBENT layer.
  • The middle layer (to be placed on top of the waterproof layer) is the ABSORBENT layer. This ensures that piddle gets sucked away from the top layer. Newspaper, old/cheap bath towels and reusable nappy liners make a good absorbent layer. We are currently using puppy pads (sheets of sanitary towel or changing sheet like material).
  • The top layer is your FLEECE. This should be kept flat and reasonably taut to ensure good absorbency.

What about poop?:

  • Poop will not magically disappear through the fleece like piddle. 
  • You must sweep or vacuum your piggy’s poo at least once a day to ensure their housing does not start to smell.
  • Some piggies really enjoy poop sweeping time…

Trouble Shooting – Why is my fleece wet?:

  • You may need to wash your new fleece another couple of times.
  • Your layers are in the wrong order.
  • Your fleece layer is not pulled flat/tight enough. 
  • Your fleece needs changing.

Things to remember:

  • Wash, wash, wash, wash, wash,etc.
  • Do not use conditioner.
  • Fleece on top.
  • Absorbent layer in the middle.
  • Waterproof layer on the bottom. 
  • Poop will not magic away.

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  1. I put a fleece in our boys den earlier today and Sammy cried and cried because it was in the bedroom, something he never does. Oliver the younger pig made a nest and settled on it. Sammy refused to go in the bedroom until it was removed it was so strange.


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