Squidgypigs – What to do when your Guinea Pig won’t eat

A normally greedy Guinea Pig refusing to eat their food is often the first sign that your pet fluffer may be sick.

Today we look at how to identify a problem, and when to seek help.

“]Squidgypig - Guinea Pig won't eat. Squidgypig – Guinea Pig won’t eat.[/caption]

PLEASE NOTE: if in doubt call your vet.

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What to do when a Guinea Pig won’t eat: 

1. Examine your Guinea Pig:

  • Any sign of lethargy (tiredness), paralysis (inability to move), open wounds, bleeding from bottom, crusty eyes, lips or nose needs immediate attention. Call the vet IMMEDIATELY.
  • If you are sure that your Guinea Pig hasn’t eaten for for six hours or more call the vet IMMEDIATELY.

2. Examine the food:

  • Did you feed too much? If your piggy ate the majority of their food but not all of it is it possibly you fed too much?
  • Did you accidentally feed stale, mouldy or otherwise faulty food? If you wouldn’t eat it yourself chances are you shouldn’t be feeding it to your piggy. Offer them fresh food now.
  • Is there any sign that your piggy tried to eat the food but was unable? Bite marks and excess saliva in a piece of food could be a sign that your piggy is suffering dental problems. Your piggy needs to see a vet.

“]Squidgypigs - Notice the bite marks in the leaf? Squidgypigs – Notice the bite marks in the leaf?

3. Examine the cage:Not enough poop or piddle? 
Is there a noticeable lack of poop and piddle? If your Guinea Pig is not eating and also not producing faeces and urine their system could already be in shutdown. Call the vet now if you haven’t already.

  • Too much poop? Is there signs of diarrhoea? Is the poop runny, a different size or shape to usual? Your piggy needs to see a vet.
  • Unusual piddle? Urine that is excessively cloudy, blood stained or with visible lumps could be the sign of a UTI, bladder problems, diabetes or another disease. Your piggy needs to see a vet.
  • Has anything blocked the food bowl? A toy falling on the bowl or vegetables may prevent your piggy eating. Offer them the unobstructed food.
  • Is the water bottle in place and working? If you have an outdoors piggy has the bottle frozen? Piggies need a constant source of fresh water. A lack of water will lead to the inability to eat and digest food. Replace water/bottom immediately.

Again, if you are in any doubt please call your vet ASAP. As prey animals Guinea Pigs aren’t designed to show illness, they can go downhill incredibly quickly so it is important that if you have any doubt over their health your vet should be your first call.


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