Squidgypigs HayPigs Food Craving Tamer Food Bowl Guinea Pig Review 

Today the Squidgypigs were lucky enough to be reviewing the Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer Food Bowl.

Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer Review
Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer Review

What is a Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer?

  • A circus themed Guinea Pig feed bowl.
  • Slip proof.
  • Spill proof.
  • Made from pet safe, food grade, melamine plastic. 
  • Dishwasher safe.

Morag and Marilyn doing their lion impressions.
Morag and Marilyn doing their lion impressions.

What can I do with it:

  • Fill it with Guinea Pig nuggets.
  • Fill it with water.
  • Fill it with treats.

The Craving Tamer fits in well with the rest of the Haypigs! Circus range.
The Craving Tamer fits in well with the rest of the Haypigs! Circus range.

Where can I buy a Haypigs! Craving Tamer?

Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer
Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer


  • With its bold colours and fun circus theme the Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer looks fantastic, but my love for this bowl goes further than mere aesthetics…
  • I absolutely love how sturdy this bowl is. With some (most) Squidgypigs being on the somewhat ‘curvy’ end of the piggy spectrum it’s essential that we use bowls that won’t bend, break or tip with their full weight rested upon them.
  • The Haypigs! Food Craving Tamer ticks all these boxes; it’s a wonderfully sturdy, reasonably heavy bowl and even has slip proof pads ensuring that it is simply not going to spill even if your podgiest of piggies gets excited waiting for their dinner. 
  • Fully dishwasher safe; this fabulous food bowl washes well and doesn’t have any strange rims, angles or indents that seem to collect soiled food. This is especially relevant if you happen to have a pig (they tend to be boars) that repeatedly piddles in their food bowl. Anybody who has one of these pigs (*cough* Slincypig *cough*) knows the joy of a nice smooth bowl design. 

Miley taming some cravings.
Miley taming some cravings.


  • This is THE most stylish Guinea Pig bowl I’ve ever seen. 
  • Well designed for functionality as well as looks it is the perfect accessory for the other products in the Haypigs! range or simply as a truly fabulous stand alone bowl. 
  • If you like this Haypigs! Product why not check out their other Guinea Pig goodies HERE!

Please note: the lovely folk at Haypigs! sent us this Food Craving Tamer to review, if you’d like to know more about Haypigs! Visit their site at www.haypigs.com


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