Squidgypigs Haypigs Piggy Crash Mat Review

Today we are reviewing the Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat.

Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat Review
Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat Review

What is the Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat?

  • A circular, fleece, Guinea Pig circus themed bed.
  • Pee resistant and machine washable.

Squidgygirl and Blondie
Squidgygirl and Blondie

What can your Guinea Pig do with it?:

  • Sleep on it.
  • Rest on it.
  • Snuggle with their friends and family.

Comfy Crash Mat
Comfy Crash Mat

Where can I buy a Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat? 


    • The Haypigs! Piggy Crashmat is soft warm and snuggly enough for even the pickiest pig. 
    • Blondie - The pickiest pig
      Blondie – The pickiest pig
    • Fully washable the Crash Mat is suitable for pigs that piddle in their beds and pigs that like to eat messy foods.
    • The Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat  is big enough for multiple large adult piggy snuggles or a single piggy who doesn’t like to share. 
    • Princess Bagel-Baby & Doughnut on their Haypigs Piggy Crash Mat
      Princess Bagel-Baby & Doughnut on their Haypigs Piggy Crash Mat
    • The Piggy Crash Mat is well structured and well stuffed. It has held up well against multiple washes and a lot of pig poop.
    • I love the bright designs and although it perfectly compliments the rest of the Haypigs! Circus range it would suit a lot of different cage designs (I know these things can get competitive on Instagram!).
    • Using the Piggy Crash Mat as a lap protector would be a lovely way of getting to know a nervous Guinea Pig.

    Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat Review
    Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat Review


    • Both myself and the Squidgypigs absolutely love the Haypigs! Piggy Crash Mat. 
    • It’s definitely something that will be getting a lot of use. 
    • If you like this Haypigs! Product why not check out their other Guinea Pig goodies HERE!

    Please note: Haypigs! sent us this Crash Mat for review, if you’d like to know more about Haypigs! You can visit their site at www.haypigs.com


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