Squidgypigs Haypigs Piggy Weightlifter Guinea Pig Review 

Today we are reviewing the Haypigs! Piggy Weightlifter.

I love the packaging!
I love the packaging!

What is the Haypigs! Piggy Weightlifter?

  • A circus themed veg / fruit kebab maker.
  • Made from pet safe, food grade, silicone and stainless steel.

What can you do with it?:

  • Instructions are as follows:

To use, remove either one of the balls from the rod and skewer on your chosen veg and/or fruit, placing the food on a chopping board and pushing the rod down through the centre of each piece.

Please be careful with the point of the rod and never push it into your hand or leave it exposed.

Replace the ball before giving to your pigs. Always remove food that has not been eaten within 12 hours and clean the rod before reloading.


Piggy Weightlifter - Fun and Easy
Piggy Weightlifter – Fun and Easy

Where can I buy a Haypigs! Piggy Weightlifter?:

Just some ladies, eating some lunch, lifting some weights...
Just some ladies, eating some lunch, lifting some weights…


  • Easy to use and wash after use; the Haypigs! Piggy Weightlifter is a great, fun kebab maker.
  • The Piggy Weightlifter is a good size meaning it can be used for a single pig’s treat or for a larger herd. It has (as you may guess) a bit of weight to it too so offers a boredom breaking activity of chewing the food off.
  • The ball stoppers on the end are large enough to fix to a c&c cage or alternate with ease; simply insert the rod and place the ball on the outside of the cage.
  • This (as you can see in vid) adds a new dimension to boredom breaker fun.

He's so big and strong... hmm
He’s so big and strong… hmm


  • Both fun and practical; the Haypigs! Piggy Weightlifter is a great addition to any Guinea Pig boredom breaking regime.
  • If you like this Haypigs! Product why not check out their other Guinea Pig goodies HERE!

Please note: Haypigs! Sent us this Weightlifter for review. If you’d like to know more about Haypigs! You can visit their site at: www.haypigs.com


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