Squidgypigs The Magical Guinea Pig Colouring Book Review 

Today we are reviewing The Magical Guineapig Colouring Book by Katie Leonard.

Image from guineapigwheekly.co.uk
Image from guineapigwheekly.co.uk

What is The Magical Guineapig Colouring Book?

  • A Guinea Pig themed Colouring Book.
  • Designed by artist Katie Leonard.

Slincypig is a big fan
Slincypig is a big fan

Where can I buy The Magical Guineapig Colouring Book?


  • £15.99 with pencils 
  • £12.99 without pencils


  • The Magical Guineapig Colouring Book is Guineapigwheekly’s biggest seller and there is a very good reason why.
  • Merpiggy!
  • The book contains a wide variety of cute Guinea Pig images from merpiggies to piggy chefs to piggies simply chilling in their cages there is something for everyone and every age group. 
  • Squidgygirl's favourite page
    Squidgygirl’s favourite page
  • I don’t have the greatest amount of patience (well spare time to be honest) and although there are images that require a lot of work and fiddly colouring you come to expect from adult colouring books, there are also more simple images for a faster completion.
  • There are clear influences from Japan’s kawaii movement of excruciating cuteness and artist Katie had done well to not just imitate it but genuinely emerse her creations comfortably into the trope.
  • The actual physical book is well designed and executed with blank backs to all image pages .
  • The paper is thick and of sufficient quality that I did not encounter any non-intentional bleeding from alcohol based pens. There is some back bleed but I did not encounter it on the following page, however if this is something you worry about; a simple sheet of paper between pages will suffice to keep your book pristine.
  • Both pens and pencils (the optional ones are fab btw) run smooth on the paper and the book is a joy to colour.
  • personally think the best bit of the entire book is that although Katie has crafted her creations with plenty of personality they are left blank enough that the person colouring in can colour the images to look like their own pigs. Whether short or long hair, it just works.
  • Blondie in a tea cup
    Blondie in a tea cup


  • This is a wonderful book full of beautiful images.
  • Slincypig says he is available for modelling...
    Slincypig says he is available for modelling…
  • Author/Artist Katie is not only a talented artist but a lovely person who even tolerates me messaging her to talk pigs, life and to say one of her creations looks like a well known Scottish actor… Sorry Katie.
  • Nobody else see it? *tardis noise*
    Nobody else see it? *tardis noise*
  • If you love Guinea Pigs, colouring books or simply all things kawaii you will love this book, regardless of age.

Please note: I received criticism on Instagram for allowing Squidgygirl to colour images in this book, for my response please see HERE.



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