The Squidgypig Guide to Bad Food for Guinea Pigs

Here is a brief list of the main bad foods you should never feed to Guinea Pigs.

Alliums: Onions, Garlic, Shallots, Chives etc:

  • Alliums are toxic to Guinea Pigs.
  • Alliums cause haemolytic anaemia, that concerns the abnormal breakdown of red blood cells.
  • Most Guinea Pigs are instinctively wary of onions etc so will not touch them, but you really shouldn’t put them within reach.

Nightshades: Potatoes, Tomato Plants, Aubergine Plants, Pepper Plants etc.

  • All parts of the standard potato plant (including the potato itself) is toxic to Guinea Pigs.
  • This does not include sweet potatoes that ARE edible.;
  • Although tomatoes, peppers* and aubergines are edible to Guinea Pigs their plants should not be fed.
  • Members of the nightshade family contain the poison solanine.
  • Solanine can cause fits, convulsions and heart failure.
  • *Peppers – many people will remove the seeds due to bitterness and a possible choking threat, however I cannot find any suggestion that they are technically toxic.

Apple seeds, peach stones, cherry stones etc:

  • All contain various degrees of the poison cyanide.
  • This causes heart, lungs and central nervous system failure.

Iceberg Lettuce:

  • Iceberg lettuce isn’t actually poisonous but contains so very little nutritious value that it’s a rather pointless food to feed.
  • In addition to its low nutritious value, it’s high water content and low fibre content means it could cause diarrhoea if fed more than a small amount.
  • Diarrhoea could lead to dehydration and death.

Dairy, Eggs and Meat Products:

  • Guinea Pigs are herbivores (vegans) so should never eat any of these foods.
  • They don’t even have the right teeth or digestive systems to process these products.
  • All can cause severe digestive problems.

Please share this infographic post to any Guinea Pig lovers you may know;

Bad Food for Guinea Pigs
Bad Food for Guinea Pigs

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