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Squidgypigs – Flystrike in Guinea Pigs – Maggots on Guinea Pig – Has my Guinea Pig got Flystrike 

Today we are focusing on the distressing condition of Flystrike in Guinea Pigs. What is Fly Strike?: Fly strike is a condition where adult flies lay their eggs on animals. Maggots hatch from the eggs and eat the surrounding flesh... Continue Reading →

Squidgypigs – Heatstroke in Guinea Pigs – What is Heatstroke? Has my Guinea Pig got Heatstroke? Can Guinea Pigs die from heatstroke or being left in the sun?

Following our Guide to Hot Weather Guinea Pig Care I thought Heatstroke deserved a little more focus. Heatstroke kills. What is Heatstroke? Heatstroke is a condition caused by a body overheating.  Why do Guinea Pigs get Heatstroke? They are (usually) covered in... Continue Reading →

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