Minicraft Guinea Pig Mini Toy Sewing Kit Review 

Today we are reviewing Minicraft’s Guinea Pig sewing kit.


What is Minicraft’s Guinea Pig sewing kit?:

  • A sewing kit to make a small Guinea Pig plushy.
  • Everything you need except a needle, thread and stuffing.


  • Precut faux fur fabric.
  • Precut felt ears.
  • Instructions.
  • Safety eyes.

Minicraft Guinea Pig Kit
Minicraft Guinea Pig Kit

What do I do with it?:

  • Follow the instructions to sew the precut fur fabric pieces together leaving a hole to stuff the stuffing.
  • Add the safety eyes.
  • Add stuffing.
  • Sew the stuffing hole up.

Where can I buy a Minicraft Guinea Pig sewing kit?:


  • The Minicraft Guinea Pig Sewing Kit’s precut fabric pieces make sewing a plushy piggy an absolute breeze. No need to fumble around tracing pattern pieces.
  • I was slightly disappointed that I had to source my own needle and thread but it’s not as if every home doesn’t have one, so no big problem.
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The ears are probably the trickiest part and the instructions contain a clear diagram to help.
  • Flat pig.
    Flat pig.
  • The pattern sews up easily and within an hour you should have your very own adorable piggy plush ready to stuff.
  • Perfect pigtato plush.
    Perfect pigtato plush.
  • You could buy official stuffing material, stuffing beans or use the contents of an old cushion to stuff your pig. Ours is currently stuffed with fabric scraps until we get out to buy some stuffing fluff.
  • My mum (Squidgynana) wondered if I was going to make lots of piggies to sit at the back of my herd photos. 



  • The Minicraft Guinea Pig Kit is a fun project.
  • With easy instructions and precut pattern pieces the kit is quick and easy to piece together.
  • It would make a brilliant first sewing project for a child (or adult).
  • Cute and fun.

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