Rosewood Naturals Carrot Cottage Review

Today we are reviewing Rosewood Naturals’ Carrot Cottage.

3 sizes of Carrot Cottage - Image from
3 sizes of Carrot Cottage – Image from

What is a Rosewood Naturals Carrot Cottage? 

  • A parchment board hut with its walls covered in hay and its roof covered in carrot.
  • Available in 3 sizes. 
  • Ours is the medium.

What can my Guinea Pig do with a Carrot Cottage?:

  • Chew it.
  • Eat it.
  • Hide in it.
  • Climb on it.
  • Sleep in it.
“Up on the roooof”

Where can I buy a Rosewood Carrot Cottage?


  • I’ve known about Rosewood’s Carrot Cottages for a while but hadn’t gotten around to getting any for the Squidgypigs. However with so many changes lately (see ‘updates’) it was a perfect time to treat them to something fun and tasty.
  • I knew from the moment I opened the Carrot Cottage that I wouldn’t regret my decision. 
  • Our Carrot Cottage smelt amazing with the delicious aroma of hay getting Slincypig quite excited before I even placed it in the boy’s house!
  • Immediately, Slincypig was chewing the hay covered parchment and eating the Hay pieces.
  • Nom nom nom.
    Nom nom nom.
  • Rosewood Carrot Cottages are generously proportioned. Our Cottage is the medium size and it was easily big enough for large (chubby) piggies to enter and for two piggies to sit within. I don’t think rabbits would fit in the medium but the large would certainly fit your average bun, or more piggies! 
  • I love the fact that even the inside of the Carrot Cottages are covered in hay, so even shy or nervous piggies can eat in comfort.
  • Unfortunately ours had slightly less hay than usual because I managed to drop it on a granite floor (whoops!). As long as you don’t abuse your Cottage like i did you should be assured of good coverage!
  • It's not called a Carrot Cottage for nothing...
    It’s not called a Carrot Cottage for nothing…
  • The carrot roofing is some sort of piggy delicacy, and stood up to being dropped. It is adored! 
Carrot Cottage Love.
Carrot Cottage Love.


  • Carrot Cottages really do seem to be an irresistible treat to Guinea Pigs.
  • A place to hide, a place to climb, a place to eat or just destroy. There is something for everypig on a Rosewood Carrot Cottage.

Have your piggies tried a Rosewood Carrot Cottage?


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