Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint Review

Today we are reviewing Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint.

Nature's Own Peppermint
Nature’s Own Peppermint

What is Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint?:

  • 100% Dried Peppermint.

“Dried peppermint leaves, nothing more, nothing less. 

 A wonderfully fragrant and tasty treat to encourage foraging fun and a great boredom reliever, add this to your animal’s usual hay and feed. 

Can have a positive effect on the respiratory system.”
Nature’s Own.

What can I do with Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint?:

  • Feed it neat to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Feed it mixed into hay.
  • Hide it around your Guinea Pigs’ cage.
  • Hand feed it to your Guinea Pigs.
  • Make tea with it. “WHAT?!”  No really…

“Can also be used as a delicious tea infusion, in a hot bath to soothe your skin and use it in the garden as a natural ant repellent.”

Nature’s Own.

Nature's Own Dried Peppermint Review
Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint Review

Where can I buy Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint?:

Baby Yum Yum loves Peppermint.
Baby Yum Yum loves Peppermint.


  • £5.19 for 200g
  • £10.99 for 1kg


  • This smells AMAZING to me!
  • Certainly one of the yummiest smelling foods I’ve ever fed to Guinea Pigs.
  • …and it must smell equally as splendid to the Squidgypigs too, because every single one of them; from the elderly original Squidgypigs Blondie and Football to the recently rescued babies Yum-Yum and Chicken Glitter absolutely loved this Peppermint
  • Peppa with her Peppermint.
    Peppa with her Peppermint.
  • As with the Nature’s Own Dried Dandelion; the Dried Peppermint is great on its own, in a bowl or even better eaten out of your hand to gain a nervous pig’s trust or strengthen bonds with an already loving pet. 
  • Similarly a handful of Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint is guaranteed to spice up even the most boring hay, making it far more palatable to even reluctant hay feeders. 
  • It's ok Doughnut, we won't take it away.
    It’s ok Doughnut, we won’t take it away.
  • I must confess that I didn’t make tea from the Nature’s Own Dried Peppermint (too many pregnancy flashbacks-Peppermint tea is good for sickness and bloating…) but in the name of reviewing I did eat a small piece of dried leaf and can confirm it has superb flavour. 


  • A wonderful bag of minty fresh fun that tastes as good as it smells.

Please note: Nature’s Own sent us this bag of Peppermint to review. To find out more about Nature’s Own please visit their site at:


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